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Batt No.86788 / RE-2X(St)Y CAM PVC Instrumentation Cable
԰ : 1P x 1.5MM2

RE-2X(St)Y CAM PVC Instrumentation Cable

BATT No.86788 (Black) 1Px1.5mm2


Instrumentation, control and communications applications RE2XSTY

instrumentation cable to EN50288-7, suitable instrumentation,

control and communications applications


Conductors: Class 2 copper conductors plus comms core, 0.75mm pair and 1.3mm pair

Insulation: XLPE to EN50290-2-29
Pair identification: Black & white numbered
Triple identification: Black, white and red numbered
Core identification:See colour code link in technical section
Screen: CAM (Collective aluminium mylar) including drain wire
Sheath/Jacket: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride) RP
Colour:Black or Blue
Temperature range:Operating -40 to +70C

EN50288-7:2005 Multi-element metallic cables used in analogue and

digital communication and control. Part 7 - sectional specification

instrumentation and control cables. Flame retardant to IEC60332-3, Oil

resistant to ICEA S-82-552, UV resistant to UL 1581



RE Instrumentation
2X XLPE insulation
2Y PE insulation
Y PVC insulation
Y PVC sheath

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Batt No.86788 / RE-2X(St)Y CAM PVC Instrumentation Cable